Horsley & Associates Inc

Engagement Management


A meeting is held with the potential client and professional advisors on a no-charge basis in order to understand the potential assignment and determine the availability of necessary information.


Following the initial meeting, an engagement letter is provided for client review and approval. This letter sets out the purpose of our assignment; any restrictions in the use of our report; the anticipated scope of our work and procedures involved; who is going to perform the work; any known qualifications in our report; the timing for completion of our work; fee estimates and payment terms.


We provide written/verbal status reports of our progress throughout the assignment. In the even that we encounter problems with obtaining information, or are presented with unusual, unanticipated information, we will promptly discuss these with you.


Fees for business valuation reports and economic loss reports are normally quoted in advance based on the following: our understanding of the situation and the information available; the anticipated adjustments and the degree of difficulty/complexity.

Fees for litigation support services, such as forensic accounting and special investigation assignments are based on professional time incurred and complexity.

Fees for assistance involving mergers and acquisition consulting services are typically based on professional time incurred and complexity.


Horsley & Associates utilizes a modern networked computer system for file management, document preparation and accounting. The efficient use of computerized equipment and specialized software provides a leading edge approach to financial consulting. The firm subscribes on-line to international databases in order to obtain comparable transaction data and on-line to information services in order to keep abreast of changes in knowledge.