Horsley & Associates Inc

About Us

Horsley & Associates Inc. offers a broad range of specialized financial advisory services for the legal and accounting professions, corporate sector, entrepreneurial companies and regulatory organizations. The work we complete on behalf of our clients involves skillful research and analysis, and is prepared in accordance with the objectivity, independence and professional standards required to ensure credibility. Bruce R. Horsley, an accredited financial expert with more than 30 years experience handling more than 2,400 files in numerous industries and service businesses throughout Ontario, heads the firm.

We are proud of our reputation and history of having our work accepted and acted upon in the marketplace, by other professionals and in the courtroom. We look to continually grow our firm by developing strong working relationships with our clients as well as looking for professionals to add to our firm.

Key Advantages of Retaining Horsley & Associates

  • Firm has significant transaction and report writing experience
  • Significant expert witness experience in various courts and in settlement conferences
  • Firm hourly billing rates are less than Toronto rates of similar size firms
  • 30 years experience with a history of court acceptance reports
  • Proven track record for numerous successful business transactions
  • Degree of involvement varies according to client needs and preferences
  • Clients are assured of senior experience level involvement on their file